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Town Tour - Wizna

13.8 miles S of Radzilow

Please contact me if you have roots in Wizna. I have additional information and records for many Wizna families. There were also some marriages between residents of Wizna and Radzilow, and you may have branches you don't know about.

Shirley Gabriner in front of the
town sign, 1999


Shael Siegel standing next to sign
of his ancestral town of Wizna;
birthplace of his maternal grandfather Moshe Ogrodnitsky

Houses across from main square
where weekly market was held

Houses on Szkolna Street (Shul Street), where synagogue was located

Top of hill behind the farm houses
is the site of the Wizna Jewish Cemetery

Restaurant on right not shown in picture. Path leading up to cemetery behind the shed where Myrna Siegel is standing.

Shael Siegel kneeling next to partially visible headstone. Erosion throughout the years has covered most of the grave stones.

Photos courtesy of Myrna Siegel, 1995.

Houses on Szkolna Street (Shul Street),
where synagogue was located

Houses on Szkolna Street (Shul Street),
where synagogue was located

Street Scene

Narwianska Street

Narwianska Street

Public Well

Bridge Over the Narew River

Wizna Cemetery

Wizna Cemetery

Photos courtesy of Jackie Wasserstein, 1995.

Typical House

House was made from stones
of the old Jewish Cemetery.
Magen David is visible in the stone
on the porch, bottom section.

Typical Farm House

Boats along the Narew River Marshes

Photos courtesy of Penny Peters; Shirley and Matthew Gabriner, 1999.

View of the former Gostkowski
farm in Witkowo-Wizna
from the Narew River shore
[View towards the west]

A fisherman on the Narew River
near the former Gostkowski farm

Entrance to the remains of the
Wizna Jewish Cemetery, located
north of Witkowo, about 200 yards
from the  bridge to Bialystok,
on the unpaved road along the river
to the small town of Rus

[Red house]: grocery store
(maybe the former grocery store of
Chana Rywka (nee Gostkowski) Liberman, known as "gote neshome," wife of Leibke Liberman, sister of Eli Avraham Gostkowski)
[Yellow house]: Wizna bakery
(maybe the former Guzikiewicz bakery)

[Red house]: Israel Lewin's former home, one of the few homes that survived WWII bombing of the Rynek area; [White house]: Wizna post office

Wizna Civic Center
[Red house on the right]: former
home of Rywka Czapnicka,
who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel now

Photos courtesy of Yechezkel Zilberstein and Amnon Even-Kesef, 2000.

Wizna Marshes:
Flooded meadows just outside of Wizna, south of the Lomza/Bialystok road,
on the Narew River valley

Photo courtesy of Renata and Marek Kosinski, 1997.

Yad Vashem - Wizna Section

Photo courtesy of Jose Gutstein.