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Town Tour - Szczuczyn

12.2 miles NNW of Radzilow

 Please contact me if you have roots in Szczuczyn. I have additional information and records for many Szczuczyn families. There were more marriages between residents of Radzilow and Szczuczyn than between Radzilow and any other town, and you may have branches you don't know about.

Town Square, 2001
Goes from Market Square (on right) north toward Grajewo. Kaplan Photography Studio and Synagogue were further out this street. City government buildings are on top right of Square,
which used to be paved. This is the same shot as the 1920's Market Square photo with all the people and wagons.


Memorial to Holocaust Victims, 1994

Close-up of Inscription
"In this place in August 1941,
fascists beastily murdered
600 people of Jewish nationality.
Honor their memory."

Memorial to Holocaust Victims, 1994

Town Square, 1994

Memorial to Holocaust Victims, 1999

Photos courtesy of Joseph Cohen (1994) and Hank Mishkoff (1999).

Szczuczyn Town Sign

Street Scene

Felice Ozerowicz Massie's house
 with gable roof

Street Scene

Henry Massie and daughter Kate

City Hall

Moshe Ozerowicz grain mill

Horse and cart in front of
side loading door of grain mill

Town Square

Photos courtesy of Ellen Massie and Henry Massie, 1991.

Yad Vashem - Szczuczyn Section

Photo courtesy of Carol Arkus.

Pre-War Photos of Szczuczyn

These photographs are part of the Zalman Kaplan Collection
and are Copyright 1995 by Marvins/Kaplan Archives, Houston, Texas U.S.A.
Zalman Kaplan was the town photographer of Szczuczyn, 1895-1941,
and the grandfather of Mike Marvins. Reprinted here with permission.

Group of Friends, mid 1920's
Far left with mandolin: Philip Kaplan.
Top row, far right: Bergshtayn (killed in Holocaust).

Group by Lake

Cycling Club, mid 1930's
Pictured are Haiche and Chaim Sawicki, Mendel Lichtenstein, Kuberski, Garbarsky, and others.

Kaplan Studio Garden

Kaplan Studio Sign

Volunteer Fire Brigade and Band, mid 1920's
Polish and Jewish members.
Band played on Sundays in the Square.

Shlomo Raczkowski, Zalman's grandson
[Shlomo was the son of a Radzilover]

Shlomo Raczkowski, Zalman's grandson, attended a Jewish school in Bialystok which required this handsome school uniform
[Shlomo was the son of a Radzilover]

Late 1920's.
Far left: Bergsztejn

Photos Copyright 1995 reprinted with the permission of Mike Marvins.