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Town Tour - Stawiski

10.5 miles WSW of Radzilow

Please contact me if you have roots in Stawiski. I have additional information and records for many Stawiski families.
There were also many marriages between residents of Stawiski and Radzilow, and you may have branches in Radzilow you don't know about.

View overlooking Stawiski


Memorial to Holocaust Victims,
located in the woods outside of town

Close-up of Inscription:
"This is a place of martyrdom of
700 inhabitants of Stawiski,
Jews murdered by Nazis, July 1941."
Inscription: 22 July 1964

Old House

Street Scene

Old House

Street Scene

Street Scene

Street Scene

Street Scene


Houses Across from Market Square


Photos courtesy of Gene Mandel, 1998.

View of Stawiski from afar

View of Stawiski from afar


Large versions available upon request.


Jewish Russians in Stawiski

Jews at the Well

Synagogue, 1930's

Interior of Synagogue, 1900's

Postcards courtesy of the Gerald Silvain Collection.
Large versions available upon request.

Former Residents of Stawiski

Mordechai Peltyn

[L-R]: Shosie Chana Peltyn;
Rochel Peltyn; Mariam Konopka Peltyn; Esther Peltyn; Shana Sora Peltyn

Ester Malka Kreplak

School Group, ca 1923
Bottom right: Sonia Wilenska (age 12)

 Searching For:

Anyone with any connections,
direct or indirect, to Chaginski,
Chagienski, Haginski, Jaginski.

Top left and middle photos courtesy of Bruce Zatz. Top right photo courtesy of Jan Meisels Allen.
Bottom left photo courtesy of Mike Marvins.

Correct address should be:
Mr. B. Levine, 28 Bond St.,
New Haven, Connecticut, America
(Somehow, the letter was delivered
correctly despite all the errors)

Postmark: Stawiski, March 15, 1921

From: Eli Rozenwach
Stawiski, Lomza, Poland
(Eljasz Chaim Rozenwach
married in Radzilow in 1911)

Letter courtesy of Ethel Donath.

Town Sign

Hand-drawn Map

Photo courtesy Jan Meisels Allen, 2001; Map courtesy of Mike Marvins.

Yad Vashem - Stawiski Section

Photo courtesy of Jose Gutstein.