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Radzilow - Kowalski Forge

From the mid 1920's

 "I would have been the happiest man in the world if the forge had stood on our own land.  I must leave everyone behind and run away because I am a Jew. Therefore, I have made this greeting as a memento, which I do for my sister as a gift to her, that when you take a look at it, you should remember me. Mejer Kowalski"

Kowalski Family Forge
Mejer Kowalski standing in the doorway,
to the right of bearded man holding the wheel



Business Directory Listings
M. Kowalski (Blacksmith]

Mejer Kowalski
Went to Israel,
ca 1924


This photo of the forge was probably taken in the mid-1920s, when it was run by Mejer Kowalski, one of a number of family members who shared the name. He can be seen in the doorway of the forge, to the right of the bearded man who is holding the wheel. Mejer would have inherited the forge from his father, Izrael Moszk Kowalski, who died in 1900. However, it is likely that one of Izrael Moszk's several blacksmith brothers would have run the business immediately following his death, as Mejer was only a child when his father passed away.

The reverse of the photo bears a lengthy Yiddish inscription written by Mejer to his sister, Szejna Rajchel, who emigrated to New York in 1921. He laments the fact that the forge was not situated on his own property, and announces his decision to leave Radzilow. The photo was taken as a souvenir of the family's life in Radzilow. Mejer emigrated to Israel with his wife and son, ca 1924.

Note: Kowalski was one of the most common Radzilow surnames, and the tree can be documented back to the middle 1700's. If you have Kowalski roots and/or branches from Radzilow or any town in this region of Lomza Gubernia in northeastern Poland, please contact me.

Recent photos of the remains of the Kowalski forge:

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